Before Contacting Technical Support

Please take advantage of one of CyberLink’s free technical support options:

  • consult the user’s guide or the online help installed with your program.
  • refer to the Knowledge Base in the Support section of the CyberLink web site.

The FAQs may have information and helpful hints that are more current than the User Guide and online help.

When contacting technical support by email or phone, please have the following information ready:

  • registered activation key (Your activation key can be found on the CD cover, the Box cover, or in the email received after you purchased CyberLink products on the Cyberlink store).
  • the product name, version and build number, which generally can be found by clicking on the product name image on the user interface.
  • the version of Windows installed on your system.
  • hardware devices on your system (capture card, sound card, VGA card) and their specifications.
  • the wording of any warning messages that were displayed (You may want to write this down or take a screen capture).
  • a detailed description of the problem and under what circumstances it occurred.

Before Contacting Technical Support