Outputting to a Camcorder

Select the Camcorder option if you want to produce your movie and then write it back to a DV or an HDV tape.

PowerDirector note Outputting to a Camcorder

Note: you must manually locate the position on your HDV camcorder tape where you want to write back your content to before proceeding.

You can also output your production to a file that you can then copy back to an HDD (hard disk drive) camcorder.

Customizing Video Profiles

After you select whether to output your file to a DV, HDV* or HDD camcorder, depending on your selection, there may be video quality settings you can customize in the video profiles section.

PowerDirector note Outputting to a Camcorder

Note: * optional feature in CyberLink PowerDirector. Check the readme file for detailed versioning information.

These video quality settings are called profiles, and can consist of your video’s resolution, bitrate compression, audio compression type, and more.

Before you output your production, you may want to create a new quality profile, edit an existing one, or select a different existing profile and other options from one of the available drop-downs in the production options section.

Configuring Production Preferences

Before you begin producing, you can select from the following production preferences:

PowerDirector note Outputting to a Camcorder

Note: the preferences that are available depend on the file format you selected and the version of CyberLink PowerDirector that is installed on your computer.

  • Fast video rendering technology: SVRT and Hardware video encoder are options that can reduce production time (available for creating an HDD camcorder file only). The Hardware video encoder option is only enabled if you are using a NVIDIA graphics card that supports CUDA technology or an ATI graphics card that supports Stream technology, and it is enabled in the GPU acceleration section on the Editing Preferences tab.
  • Dolby Digital 5.1: select this preference if you want to include Dolby Digital 5.1 audio in your produced video file (available for creating an HDD camcorder file only).
  • Enable preview during production: select this option to preview your movie during production. Selecting this option will increase the time required to produce your file.
  • Delete the file after the write back is complete: select this option to have CyberLink PowerDirector delete the produced video file after it has written it back to your DV or HDV camcorder.
  • x.v.Color: x.v.Color is a new color system that can display a wider color range than usual (available for creating an HDD camcorder file only). CyberLink PowerDirector can generate an x.v.Color-compliant stream, which is backward compatible with RGB displays, while offering the opportunity to achieve better visual quality if your playback environment is x.v.Color ready).
  • Shut down after production: select this option for if you want to shut down your computer automatically after CyberLink PowerDirector finishes producing your video.

Outputting to a Camcorder