Produce Preferences

To set your production preferences, click PowerDirector menubu14 Produce Preferences > Edit > Preferences. The Preferences window opens, and then click the Produce tab. The available options are as follows:


  • Output only selected tracks: select this option to output only the selected tracks in the timeline. The tracks that are not selected are not produced during production.
  • Reduce video blocky artifacts (Intel SSE4 optimized): select this option to improve the production overall quality of produced video, if your computer supports Intel SSE4 optimization.

Quality of 3D slideshow:

  • use the slider to set the quality of a produced 3D slideshow video. The slower the images move, the better the quality of the slideshow. When selected, CyberLink PowerDirector will use your computer’s 3D graphics card (if you have one) to accelerate the production time.

Produce Preferences