General Preferences

To set your general preferences, click PowerDirector menubu10 General Preferences > Edit > Preferences. The Preferences window opens, and then click the General tab. Available options are as follows:


  • Maximum undo levels: enter the number (between 0 and 100) of undos (Ctrl+Z) you would like to make available while you work on your video production. Setting a higher number consumes more CPU resources.
  • TV format: select the TV format (NTSC or PAL) for your video. This format should correspond to the format of the region in which you plan to play your video (if you burn it to disc).
  • Enable animated Interface: select to enable the animated interface within CyberLink PowerDirector. Enabling this consumes more CPU resources.
  • Show sound waveform in Timeline: select to display the sound waveform in the timeline that represents the sound levels in the audio portion of video clips, music clips and voice clips.
  • Enable file processing to speed up high definition video editing: select this to speed up the editing of high definition video by enabling CyberLink PowerDirector to process the file faster. Enabling this consumes more CPU resources.
  • Auto delete temporary files every: select to have CyberLink PowerDirector automatically delete temporary files created while editing, every specified number of days. Click on the Manually Delete button if you want to select and delete specific temporary files.


  • Enable appending of information into files as RichVideo information: select to allow CyberLink PowerDirector to append RichVideo information into the media files.
  • Enable the RichVideo information in open media dialog: select to have CyberLink PowerDirector display RichVideo information when importing media into the Media Library.


  • Automatically check for software updates: select to periodically check for updates or new versions automatically.


  • Use system default language: select this option for the language display to be the same as the language of your operating system.
  • User defined: select this option and then select the language from the drop-down list that you want to use.

General Preferences