Editing Preferences

To set your editing preferences, click PowerDirector menubu11 Editing Preferences > Edit > Preferences. The Preferences window opens, and then click the Editing tab. Available options are as follows:


  • Default workspace: select whether to display the timeline or storyboard editing workspace by default.
  • Link all tracks when moving/removing content in Video Track: links titles, video effects, music and PiP clips to clips in the Master Video track. Selecting this option moves these clips when a video clip in the Master Video track is moved. De-select this option to allow for the movement of all timeline clips separately.
  • Add transition between photos when applying Magic Motion: select this option to add the transition selected in Transition type between photos when using the Magic Motion tool and apply to all photos.
  • Add an effect and a title when using Freeze Frame: select this option to automatically add an effect and title to the timeline when you click the Freeze Frame button.


  • set the default durations (in seconds) for image files and the different effects when placed in the timeline.
  • Auto save project: select this to automatically save your project, every specified number of minutes, so you don’t lose your changes by accident.

GPU acceleration

  • Enable NVIDIA CUDA/ATI Stream technology to speed up video effect preview/render: if your computer is using a NVIDIA graphics card that supports CUDA technology or an ATI graphics card that supports Stream technology, you can select this option to speed up rendering of some video effects and MPEG-4 video by tapping into the multi-core parallel processing power of GPUs.
PowerDirector note Editing Preferences

Note: to activate NVIDIA CUDA/ATI Stream encoding technology during production, select Hardware video encoder in the production preferences section of the produce window before production.

Editing Preferences