Capture Preferences

To set your capture preferences, click PowerDirector menubu13 Capture Preferences > Edit > Preferences. The Preferences windows opens, and then click the Capture tab. Available options are as follows:


  • Add captured files to media library: select this option to import captured files into the media library directly after capture.
  • Add captured files to workspace: select this option to automatically import captured files into the editing workspace.
  • Use video overlay for capture: keep this option selected during capture unless you have an older VGA card that does not support video overlay. Deselecting this option in this event avoids the unsupported overlay display errors.
  • Enable automatic file replacement when recording voice-over: select this option to overwrite existing audio if the voice-over overlaps during recording.
  • Enable CyberLink MPEG@Best: select to balance capture speed and video quality when you capture MPEG video.

Auto scene detection

  • Do not detect scenes during capture: select this option if you do not want to activate the auto scene detection function during capture.
  • After capture, detect scenes by change of video frames: select this option to perform scene detection during video capture. In scene detection, CyberLink PowerDirector compares captured frames to decide when there is a scene change. Each scene is saved as a file as recording continues.
  • During capture, detect scenes by time code, and then save each scene as a separate file (DV-VCR mode only): select this option to detect scene break signals and to save each scene as a separate file. (DV camcorders generate a scene break signal on the tape whenever users release the REC button.) This feature is only available in DV camcorder capture.
  • DV Parameters: click this button to set the buffer parameters for your DV camcorder. Setting a buffer time ensures that your DV camcorder and your batch capture or DV writing device begin at the same time. Without a buffer, batch capturing or writing to tape may begin before the camcorder is engaged.

Capture Preferences