Detecting Scenes in a Video Clip

The scene detection function automatically creates individual clips based on the individual scenes (or pre-edited shots) contained within a video clip. Detected scenes are not split from the original clip, but are added to the workspace like any other media clip.

To detect the scenes in a video clip, right click on it in either the Captured Content area or within the media library and select Detect Scenes and then on Detect.

PowerDirector note Detecting Scenes in a Video Clip

Note: depending on the file format, scene detection on certain clips may not work as precisely as it does for others. You may need to split the scenes manually in the scene detection dialog.

The detected clips are displayed in a sub folder under the original video clip. You can add them to timeline or manage them in the media library like any other video clip.

Video clips that contain detected scenes show a small folder icon in the lower right-hand corner of the clip when displayed in the media library. To display a clip’s scenes, click the folder icon.

Detecting Scenes in a Video Clip