CyberLink PowerDirector lets you add subtitles to your video production, either for a disc or imprinted on a video file. You can import subtitles from a text file or add them manually within the Subtitle Room.

To add a subtitle to your video production, click on PowerDirector subtit67 Subtitles in the Subtitle Room and then select one of the following types of subtitles:

  • Create subtitles for a DVD: selecting this option creates subtitles that are compatible with most DVD playback software and can be switched on/off like those found on commercial discs.
PowerDirector note Subtitles

Note: when you select Create subtitles for a DVD, there is a Subtitles option by default in your created disc menu when created within CyberLink PowerDirector. Text formatting for disc subtitles is more limited.

  • Create subtitles imprinted on a video file: select this option to blend subtitles into the video.