Setting Video Clip Interlacing Format

All video clips have an interlacing (TV) format, which specifies how frames are displayed. Using video clips with conflicting (or incorrect) TV formats can result in degraded video quality in your final production.

Before you produce your video, set all of the video clips to the same format. While CyberLink PowerDirector can normally detect and suggest the correct format, some interlaced video (such as a video with very little motion) may be misjudged as a progressive video.

CyberLink PowerDirector automatically produces interlaced video for DVD, SVCD and DV-AVI. Only change this setting if you are sure that CyberLink PowerDirector has wrongly set the format.

PowerDirector note Setting Video Clip Interlacing Format

Note: this is an extremely important step to take before production, as it can drastically affect final video quality.

To set a video clip’s TV format, right-click the video clip whose interlacing format you want to set and select Set TV format.

Setting Video Clip Interlacing Format